lover boys

screened at ortsbegehungen, prater, berlin, 2009
presented at lili #7 - der gestalterinnenpreis, udk, berlin, 2009
lover boys, medienhaus udk, berlin, 2009
5' edit version presented at .bhc project iv, .bhc kollektiv, berlin, 2008

2 channel hdv installation, color, L/R stereo sound, 8', 2009
voice-over: kari rittenbach

this video is made of footages of antinous' statues, a representative icon of juvenile beauty in imperial rome and
images of boy band singers shot solely by their fans (fancams). the voice-over consists of quotations from history
texts, poetry by sappho and pessoa, and 'fanfic' texts by boy band fans.
it reflects a specific aesthetical decision that appears through the ancient icons in art history and the representation of
teenage idol singers in pop culture in east asia. concentrating on how desire produces and comsumes imageries,
icons and idols, inside and outside of current system and what kind of psychological narrative those 'love' produce.


Lover Boys, 1'32" excerpt

version udk



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