The Red Liquid and Narcissus

Presented at Nevan Contempo, 2017

Solo exhibition, publication (EN/CZ) and talks


The Red Liquid and Narcissus draws an imaginary line between plutocracy and narcissism. The exhibition visualizes different parallels – in space, through mirroring and framing physical elements; in time, reflecting on the historical events that grounded our present, and in the body, exploring the flesh and bone that structures our political universe.

The exhibition was conceived from the hypothesis that death of the self and others is tactically “concealed” by hegemonies to control their societies and maintain power. In this light, narcissism acts as an analogy for how we present and observe our bodies. The focus of the work gradually transited from the projected body to a dive into the pulsating and mortal body. Within the exhibition, the iconography of Narcissus is reenacted by an independent figure who observes the alteration of human body. Seen through lenses that are attached to limbs or penetrate into organs, it reveals the link of biotechnological enhancement to warfare.

«붉은 액과 나르키소스»는 금권정치와 나르시시즘의 결착을 상상한다. 이 상상은 전시 안에서 다양한 형식으로 발현된다. 공간적으로는 유기적 물성을 지닌 소재 및 평행한 현실들을 비추는 거울을 도입한다. 시간적으로는 현재를 이루는 역사적 사건들을 성찰한다. 신체적으로는 우리의 정치적 우주를 이루는 피와 살을 탐험한다. 나르키소스의 미술사적 도상은 보다 독립적인 주체로 재연되어 시대에 따른 인간 신체의 변형을 관찰한다. 수집된 이미지들은 신체에 부착되거나 삽입되는 카메라가 포착한 몸의 안팎을 보여준다. 이로써 생명공학적 신체 향상과 전쟁의 연결점 또한 탐색한다.


Sylbee Kim, Diagram of Concealment, 2017



The Red Liquid and Narcissus, 2017 (붉은 액과 나르키소스)
2-channel video, 4K, color, sound, 4’50”, 3’40”; jellies, sponges, moss, watercolor, mirror
Performer: Louise Guigon


Osteoarterial Joints, 2017 (골동맥관절)
Jellies, polymer clay
Dimensions variable


Anthropocentric Brain, 2017 (인간 중심주의 뇌)
Isomalt sugar, plastic, Styrofoam, metal
22 x 22 x 26 cm


The Motor Functions of a Praying Heart, 2017 (기도하는 마음의 운동기능)
Plastic, plaster, resin, balloons, net tube, wire
40 x 40 x 65 cm


Miracle Molecule Model, 2017 (기적분자 모형)
Resin, plaster, metal mesh, yarn, fishing thread, rubber cord
30 x 25 x 20 cm



Performer Louise Guigon
Script, cinematography, sound, editing, direction and objects by Sylbee Kim

Curated by Christina Gigliotti
Translation Vítek Bohal
Graphic design and font Jan Horčík
Photography Peter Fabo, Sylbee Kim
Supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and the Prague City Hall

Special thanks to Chieko Idetsuki, Sungeun Kim, Gahee Park, Nicolas Pelzer



copyright sylbee kim. all rights reserved