1981 born in seoul, south korea

2005- lives and works in berlin

1992-3 stay in venice, italy
1998-9 stay in milan, italy
2001-5 korean national university of arts (K-Arts), seoul
bachelor of arts (art theory and visual art)
2005-2010 study at the university of arts (UdK), berlin
(experimental media)
2007 NICA exchange grant at cooper union, new york
2009 abschluss mit besonderem künstlerischen erfolg
2010 meisterschülerabschluss

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Sylbee Kim (1981) is born in Seoul. After acquiring B.A. at Korea National University of Arts, Seoul, Kim received Meisterschüler degree at Universität der Künste Berlin in experimental media. Since 2005 Kim has been working between Berlin and Seoul employing primarily digital videos combined with installations, prints and performances. Critical thinking around our current reality is presented through conceptual and spatial layers of contradictory elements to form a non-linear narrative. Kim held solo exhibitions at Nevan Contempo, Prague; Insa Art Space, Space O’New Wall and Project Space Sarubia, Seoul and participated to group exhibitions held at SeMA Biennale Mediacity Seoul, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Seoul, Seoul Museum of Art, Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Asia Art Archive Hong Kong, Goethe-Institut, New York and Real DMZ Project Cherwon. Kim was selected as awardee of Sindoh Artist Support Program 2017.

1981년 서울 생. 한국예술종합학교 미술원 졸업 후 베를린 예술대학에서 미디어아트 마이스터슐러 학위를 취득하였다. 2005년 이래 베를린과 서울을 기반으로 영상, 설치, 평면, 퍼포먼스 중심의 작업을 전개하고 있다. 현실비판적 사유를 바탕으로 한 비선형적 서사를 다층적인 시공간으로 구현한다. 프라하 네반 콘템포, 서울 인사미술공간, 스페이스 오뉴월, 프로젝트 스페이스 사루비아에서 개인전을 가졌으며 세마 비엔날레 미디어시티서울, 국립현대미술관 서울관, 서울시립미술관, 신 베를린 쿤스트페어라인, 리얼 DMZ 등지의 단체전에 참여하였다. 제7회 신도 작가지원 프로그램에 선정되었다.


selected solo shows

2018 (upcoming) cradle of regrets, hapjeongjigu, seoul
2018 garden of regrets, sindoh art space, seoul
2017 the red liquid and narcissus, nevan contempo, prague
2015 misread gods, insa art space-art council korea, seoul
2013 slanted conical behavior, space o'new wall, seoul
2012 a holiday love, project space sarubia, seoul

selected group shows

2018 exhibition of exhibition of exhibition, cecil theater, seoul
2018 monkeys gaze at soldiers in the basement waiting for noé, available light–doc, paris
2017 video portrait, total museum, seoul
2017 whitney houston biennial, chashama, new york
2017 city and the people: from sema collection, sema buk-seoul museum or art
2016 the scrap, seoul
2016 media wifi service, temporary space, dongducheon
2016 neriri kiruru harara, sema biennale mediacity seoul, seoul museum of art
2016 sos: nobody was in pain, dongduk women's university curatorial studies, space xx, seoul
save our souls: art for a time of urgencies, the 9th ewha international media art presentation, ewha women's university, seoul
2014 the manual: parts and labour, culture factory osan, osan

2014 sema blue: malfunction library, seoul museum of art, eoul
2014 give us the future, neuer berliner kunstverein, berlin
2014 when the future ended, hite collection, seoul
2013 emerging artists: round-up, seoul museum of art, seoul
2013 pre-biennale program 04: postcards, serial postcard release for mediacity seoul 2014
2013 100 ideas on tomorrow's island, art base momoshima
, onomichi
2013 guts and cooperation, hong x kim, seoul

2012 unfinished journey, cais gallery, seoul
playtime, culture station seoul 284, seoul
2012 end vehicles: sketches for later works, ferro strouse gallery, new york
2012 images and text: ut pictura poesis, one and j. gallery, seoul
2012 real dmz, woljeongri station, cherwon
2012 above your head, below their feet, NeMaf: seoul international media festival, seoul
2011 temporary re-visionists, space o’new wall, seoul
2011 byob bonn, abteilung kunstgeschichte, bonn univ., bonn
2011 free rider, experimenta, hong kong

2011 metrospective 1.0, future gallery and programm e.v., berlin
2010 the end is just the beginning, mmx, berlin
2009 videokemp, prague
2008 .bhc project iv, .bhc kollektiv, berlin
2008 gender*d*rama, 5th lange nacht der gender studies, statthaus böcklerpark, berlin

2008 liebe usw., tmp. deluxe, temporary space for art and media, berlin
2007 coober nnion, cooper union, new york
2007 kontakt, projekt hartmut, und#2, karlsruhe
2004 jiff-mind, jeonju intl film festival, jeonju


2014 spectral rite, multi-arts project II, national museum of modern and contemporary art, seoul
2012 art allows me the freedom to choose poverty, playtime, culture station seoul 284, seoul
2011 art allows me the freedom to choose poverty, 39 art day, aaa, hong kong
2008 time machine (w/ 3united), raum kalk, cologne
2007 alps revolution (w/ 3united), galerie gabis heimsuchung, berlin
2006 paper museum (w/ matthew lutz-kinoy), gay museum, berlin
2006 die deutschen mögen die elefanten, wie die thailänder die pinguine (w/ 3united), rundgang udk, berlin


2017 asian film and video art forum, national museum of modern and contemporary art, seoul
2014 when the future ended, artsonje center, seoul
2012 berliner, goethe-institut, new york
2011 global house, kunsthalle gwangju, gwangju, korea

2011 greener on the other side: berlin-chongqing video festival, organhaus chongqing,
2009 ortsbegehungen, prater, berlin
2007 klasse, volksbühne, berlin

prizes and grants

2017 awardee, sindoh artist support program, seoul
2015 arko young art frontier, art council korea, seoul
2013 project stipend visual art, berlin senate, berlin
2013 emerging artist grant, seoul museum of art, seoul
2013 project funding for cultural exchange, art council korea, seoul

2009 lili-der udk gestalterinnenpreis, udk, berlin
2007 NICA exchange grant at cooper union, new york


2018 gasworks, london
2017meet factory, prague
2012 seoul art space – hongeun, seoul
2011 expermenta, hong kong


2014 seoul museum of art


sylbee kim