Lersta and Her Relatives

Presented at the Open Studio, Meet Factory, Prague, 2017

Video installation, 4K, 16:9, color, sound, 9’25”; print on fabric; mixed media, dimensions variable


Lersta and Her Relatives started from the name of the lamp found at the given residency studio which is cheaply produced in a universal design. The installation consists of two larger groups that communicate between each other through elements of moving and non-moving images in juxtaposition. The work experiments light on white and shadow on black, which clash with colorful print and a single video insert in color. Composed in clear geometric parallels, found digital material about organisms, bodies and thoughts in journey are largely applied. Simultaneously, the sound collage of NASA recordings of planet sounds as well as the Golden Record accentuates the sense of circulation in our world. The architectural and daylight condition within the studio space is fully accepted and exposed.




copyright sylbee kim. all rights reserved